Lios Lachtín, Co. Chiarraí

Lislaughtin, Co. Kerry

A view of Lislaughtin Abbey, Ballylongford, Co. KerryKnown locally as Lislaughtin Abbey, it is situated on the southern bank of the Shannon Estuary north of Ballylongford. The friary was founded by a John O'Connor in 1478 on a site formerly associated with East window at Lislaughtin Abbey, Ballylongford, Co. KerrySt. Lachtin. Much of the friary church remains, but the tower has completely gone. A gilt silver processional cross known as The Ballylongford Cross dated 1479 AD belonging to the friary is on display in the National Museum of Ireland, Kildare St., Dublin. Located off a quiet back road, the friary ruins and surrounding cemetery provide an ideal setting for solitude. Some of its flora and fauna is displayed below.

Ballylongford and its historic friary are close to a proposed Natural Heritage Area (pNHA) comprising Ballylongford Bay which is also part of the Lower River Shannon Special Area Conservation (SAC) and the River Shannon/River Fergus Special Protection Area (SPA).

Praying Nature at Lislaughtin Friary

Give yourself a few moments to still yourself and gradually become aware of God's gentle loving presence around and within you. Read the piece of scripture below, and let it soak right into you. Then click on a photo, and sit back, gaze & listen to what God is saying to you:

I know all the birds in the sky,

all that moves in the fields belongs to me.

Psalm 49(50), 11 



Laudato Si'

mi' Signore 


Praised be You

my Lord

with all

Your creatures

- St. Francis