Protecting Fish and Sea Life

Fish are very tasty and full of nutritious value, and so our seas, rivers and lakes are fished for their food value. Many people depend upon fish and the fishing industry for their livelihoods, and it is an important food for many people, animals, birds and indeed other fish. However, we have a responsibility to protect and care for water, fish and fishing stocks so that all who live in and off the sea can continue to survive long into the future.


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Also sacred scripture tells us that the value of creatures is much more than  feeding people. The psalmists exhort creation - including fish - to praise God the creator! However, at our present rate and intensity of fishing (as well as forestry and farming) we are forcing many species into extinction with the result that their unique praise of God will be lacking ... forever!

If we only stopped for a moment to look at these creatures, we would be astonished at their beauty and marvel in the Creator ... View some of the links below to learn more.

An orca (Killer Whale) in waters of Canada - Photo by Adrian McGrath 

Let heaven and earth praise him,

the seas and everything that moves in them.

- Psalm 69, 34


Online Resources:

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Watch Snorkelling in Marine Reserve saltwater lake - L. Hyne, Ireland.

Let the sea roar, and all that fills it

- Psalm 98, 7


Praised be You

my Lord

with all

Your creatures

- St. Francis